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Gnawfish Games
Throughout the years, I have developed several low budget games. Just in case you were bored and looking for some way to pass the time, check them out:

asteroids SuperCrazy Asteroids
A recreation of the classic arcade game Asteroids.
I used to play Asteroids on my Atari 2600 so much my hands would start to hurt from the effort.

Requires the Shockwave Pluggin
ants Ants Marching
A world in which you play the role of God and supply the black ants with the nourishment to outlast and outwit the evil Red Ant. Beware of your Godly Power!

Requires the Shockwave Pluggin
hex Hex
Hex is simple. If you're the black pieces, string your pieces from left to right. If you're the white pieces string them up and down. The first person to have an uninterrupted chain wins.

Requires the Shockwave Pluggin
sonic death monkey head Mr. Sonic Death Monkey Head
Before Gnawfish, there was the Sonic Death Monkey. Here is his moment to shine. Concept based half way between the fall of Humpty Dumpty and Adam from Eden. Need to put him back together ala Mr. Potato Head.

Requires the Flash Pluggin
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