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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy is committed to assuring your privacy. Well, let me at least explain how I DO violate your privacy:

1. Web Logs: Ok, I run an Apache 2.0 Web Server (on a Linux box) that generates CLF log files. I use these web logs as input to view aggregate user activity on the site using webalizer. My graduate project utilizes web log information as well. Essentially it sorts user activity, aggregates it, and uses fancy math to analyze it. The common theme is that I do not specifically look at individual information, but rather aggregate data.

2. Cookies. Once only meant for eating, cookies are now a way to be intrusive. But not here at I use cookies to track the user's fish color preference as well as a way to limit survey voting to one vote per person. I have taken the additional step of becoming P3P compliant. This standard places privacy information in the HTTP Headers that are sent from the site. As a result, you know I'm all good before you even view a page!

3. Email: If you ever see an email from someone, you can rest assured that it truly is from that person. I can make this assurance because is on the bleeding edge of new email standards (SPF and Sender ID) that will ensure that my domain is not used for SPAMing purposes. I have done everything that I can on my end to ensure that these standards work for (essentially I have added a specially formatted DNS record onto my domain).
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