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Web Usage Plots
Most common reaction: "Wup, What the Hell is That?" Web Usage Plots (WUP) was my graduate thesis project in, um, graduate school. Its an advanced website visualization tool designed to visually display a website usage using Multidimensional Scaling as a basis to create (or more accurately find) psychological distances between webpages, thus describing and logically mapping a general 'users' view of a website. Most common reaction: "Stupid Geek". Thank you. Below is a better explanation.

Ok, Seriously
A quick synopsis of what you will see. Web Usage Plots are a scatter plot of the pages on this site. The distance between each page in the plot is the psychological distance the site's users correspond to each page relative to the others. For example, if people only go from page 'A' to page 'C' and never associate page 'B' with either 'A' or 'C', the distance between 'A' and 'C' will be relatively small (closer and therefore a high association) while the distance from 'B' to 'A' or 'B' to 'C' will be a relatively larger distance (and therefore a lower association). Rollover the point in the scatter plot to see which page it represents. Its less complicated then it sounds.
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